Sunday, 5 December 2010

Watch my icy hot super slide....

-The toilet is floooooded!!
GREAT. Good morning London! Roomie felt that this was someting she needed to announce to the world, early sunday morning. I have the best housemates....
Doing everything I can NOT to visit that bathroom....Will run to KFC if I have to(yeah, like Seven Sisters has a KFC, funny)....

Is spendning sundaymorning in bed with coffee(there is nothing I can do about the coffee. I need it. And thanks to that, soon I WILL need to visit that bathroom) and Don Draper. Glamorous, I know.
Havent seen Mad Men in a while. Feels good to be back on Manhattan again (even though Betty is enoying the shiz out of me).

In a couple of hours I will show the world my gracefulness at Hyde Park skate rink. Im dreading.
Figure skating? Give it up, Jimmy! It´s like a cruel bitch mother!
Maybe Ill blame my still aching arse and act like a stage mom, holding the camera instead. Maybe.


  1. Coffee + mornings = A MUST. Coffee + Monday mornings = make it a double!!


  2. Me hab a crush on dat donny boy draper. Dem New YOrk ad boys be dope cute!

  3. Blades of glory!!

    p.s. thanks for having a read of my blog :)