Sunday, 5 December 2010

Swede down. TWICE!

Last night was. well. Interesting...
It all started of well...until I get pushed(bumped into, if I have to de-dramatice it) and SWOOP! I fall. Swede down.
I mean, all the way down, lick-the-floor-down
10 minutes later, this time because of true clumsiness: SWOOP!
Again? Yes, I fell again. All the way down, lick-the-floor-down.
Sure, I had some %-age in me, but not THAT much. No, we are not talking hello-floor much. 
The floor at the club was slippery, VERY slippery. Covered with what im hoping was beer( which gave me total beer-ass after two visits. SEKSI.)

Overall though, it was a good night!

This morning(-ish) however: OWW! Fuckity OW!!
Tailbone from hell! "Pain in the ass" got a whole new meaning....Jeez, it hurts!
Getting ready took ages, not to mention walking(wobble)to Tesco. Never felt so old.
Cath, last nights wingman, read my mind( or saved me from depression)
-Yes! Pizza?
With my limited ability to move, pizza, good company and some sweet tunes from Matt Cardle(this week, not so sweet)sounded like HEAVEN!
Diet starts tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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