Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday only comes once a week.....

WHY I would leave my double glazed room tonight, to enter the cold and go to Brixton? WHY would I exchange the 3 layer of primark-fuzzy-socks I am wearing to pantyhose and heels? WHY? Give me one good reason.

I will. I will. Just give me a minute. 
The cold has nothing on me. NOTHING.


  1. Sjukt fin jacka! var har du köpt den??

  2. ME don't gets it, mate! I'z frum livapool. Why'z all you Sweden peoples cum 2 ma island!? Rule Britania mate! It be like u tink dis be some Swedish place part 2. Dis ain't no Iceland or Australia! Also, y is all u swedes like dem Japanese.... All reserved and shit. Me mAte and me try to mack it with dis fine sweden chick and she be all not habing it. I be like 'damn, i can show u a good time in me fiat' but she b like 'i frum sweden, so i be better den you. ' i'z trying to go to OXford. I just needs me sum more cash mate. I trying to better me self. Give me a chance Sweden girl. Also, Y ya all be cussing up a storm. U all b saying 'shit dis' and 'shit dat'. Me b sick of it mate. Lastly, wat b with dis 'puss' ting all u swedes end your messages with. It sound naughty or sumthing. I try to look it up on me library computer but me don't know how to get to google translator.

  3. Please cum 2 Liverpool. We can stay on me grandamommassss sofa. I no dis sick Chinese place we kan get rice at. Me wants to know !!!

  4. When u Sweden peoples learn how 2 use da computer? Me mate told me u guys still have noT gotten da cell Phone yet. I nicked me a iPhone but the 5.0 nicked it rum me. Luv ya swedey girl. Puss puss puss