Wednesday, 5 January 2011

oh, and here comes the clues....

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how dissapointed and excuse my language, pissed, I was after every How I met your mother episode recently.
BUT since the end and the mother just HAS to be near I did not have the guts to stop watching.
And risk finding out from somebody ELSE who the mother is? No way.

Ive kept watching.

Yesterday I watched the latest episode. And lo and behold, it didnt suck. Quite the opposite.
It was actually great. I laughted, which I havent done while watching How I met your mother in what....1,5 season? But finally....I enjoyed watching it again. Loved it.

But then...from nowhere...I find myself sobbing. Quite intensly.
Yes, doing this while watching HIMYM IS rather odd.
I partly blamed the fever...but no, it was the TWIST! It was.

And now, everywhere I turn (did I mention I am sick, I dont have much to do around here) I see reviews, blogs, comments, interviews ABOUT this episode and the "shocking twist", that "No one saw coming".
AND that the episode will probably go down as being the best one so far, troughout all 6 seasons.

Now I def. will not stop watching. Not for a second.

I also read though that the show is scheduled for 2 more seasons. But hey, if they keep this up, Im not one to complain...

(Especialy not since rumour has it that NP Harris´s twins will play Lilymarshalls´s baby. I mean...)

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