Thursday, 6 January 2011

What hurts like a maffagga, make you sound like a smurf and makes you drink your food?

I caved. I gave up. The towel is thrown.
Last night, without any warning, the fever came back. Big time.
So...After the 4th sleepless night in a row, it was time to go see a doctor.
And yes, I knew what it was. Ive been around. I know what Muppet-voice means.
BUT why act confident on day 2 and go to the doctor, when it MIGHT be a simple flu that the body can take care of on its own? My point excactly.
Nothing hardcore, just plain old tonsillitis.

Just to add on the non-hardcoreness, the doctor says:
- No chance in hell you are going to be able to swallow pills with that throath! I will give you what we give kids. Liquid with orange flavour.

So here we go, time to get well. 

No need for you to panic though, I wont stop complaining until I am feeling 100%. 
Dont worry.

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