Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tube-germs IS what im looking for in a good brushing session

It happened again.
Me leaving the house and entering the world with a toothbrush sticking up my coat pocket.
First sign of true idiocy.
That makes it twice in one week. Once at work, once at Uni.

Both times, strangers has pointed this out to me:
-Ey, you have a toothbrush in your pocket.
Well yes, yes I do. Thank you for noticing. 

I am stressed in the mornings.
The somewhat pretty head connected to the body has not woken up yet.
I realize in the last minute (always with the coat on and ready to hit the tube) that I haven't yet brushed my teeth (mind you, I never forget, I just remember it later than most).
I go brush my teeth, remembers something else I havent done and puts the bloody thing in my pocket.
And woop, I forget its there.

Common sense made me buy a new one after the first incident.
Its been 2 days.

I guess im going shopping.

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